It is a key yarn of sustainable clothing that minimizes carbon footprint from the generation of raw materials to consumption.

It has a new function that releases sweat and water quickly and floats lightly on water.

You can feel the warmth and tenderness of a bird feather.

This is how heron is a dream fiber that goes beyond general fibers.

Heron X Kwak Hyun Joo Collection

difference in technology

Moisture Discharge System

Breathing system that blends different yarns to quickly release sweat and moisture

Quick - Dry

I'It is easy to dry and wash quickly by using HERON yarn with process water rate of zero(ksk3010).

Antimicrobial &

The hydrophobic HERON yarn eliminates the cause of bacterial development and suppresses the generation of odor due to sweat.

UPF 50+

When spinning HERON yarn, there is permanent UV blocking function by using UV stabilizer


At an "SAC(Sustainable Apparel Coalition)" joined by fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, h&m and so on. Ther HERON uses yarn is a sustainable resource located in the top two.